PRINCETON, W.Va. — A jury in a Mercer County trial was unable to reach a verdict Friday in the case of a man charged with causing a fatal crash on the West Virginia Turnpike, resulting in a mistrial.


Nicholas Andrepont faces another trial in October.

Nicholas Andrepont, of Raleigh County, was charged with driving in an impaired state causing death following a September 2017 crash near Camp Creek that killed the other man in the truck, Cody Kincaid, 27, of Beckley.

Andrepont is accused of driving southbound in the northbound lane, crashing head-on into a tractor-trailer before striking a pick-up truck. Prosecutors allege DNA evidence proves that Andrepont was driving but the defense attorneys maintained Kincaid was driving.

The jury began deliberations Friday morning after closing arguments. Circuit Court Judge Derek Swope dismissed two alternate jurors.

Following a lunch break, Swope learned one juror had become ill and was unable to return. Swope said he could not recall the alternate jurors given the chance they could have discussed the trial with someone.

A new trial date is scheduled for October.