MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Members of the Morgantown City Council on Tuesday heard from Morgantown Utility Board officials regarding the route of a 30-inch raw water line.

Board general manager Tim Ball presented a matrix that included extensive data about as many as eight routes, subroutes and changes requested by the public and city officials.

The document included cost comparisons that showed a modified Route 3, which at least four council members supported. The proposal would cost much less and have a smaller impact than the Route 5 plan.

Route 3 was modified slightly after the board received the agreements to move 600 feet of the pipeline off of the White Park property, also minimizing the impact on a nearby walking trail.

“I think we wait on city council. They apparently want to take the added step of having a formal vote to formalize the selection of Route 3,” Ball said.

Ball verbally agreed to add a footbridge and additional trail, and committed to finding other ways to reduce the impact on White Park. He also noted an effort to find more landowners willing to let the board build the pipeline on their property.

Most of the council appeared to support the proposal, yet had different concerns.

Ball said regulatory approval could happen by mid-November, which coincides with the project contractor’s schedule.