NEW MARTINSVILLE, W.Va. — As some school systems head into their third week of classes the week of Labor Day, two counties are just getting started.

Wyoming and Wetzel counties begin the school year on Tuesday, which will be the last two school systems of the 55 to begin classes.

For both school systems it is their second year with the late start, as Edward Toman, the Wetzel County Schools Superintendent said the school staff has agreed this is what they want to do.

“Faculty and staff have voted and the majority went with starting the later date,” he told MetroNews. “We will see how it goes, I don’t know if it will continue. We will do a survey with our staff and get the results that way. From there we will take it to the board of education.”

Deirdre Cline, Wyoming County Schools Superintendent said her school system also does the survey approach. Wyoming officials put together three calendars with help from the state Department of Education.

Cline said this has been a team-oriented approach.

“We have listened to our employees, we have listened to parents and families, we have listened to all of the different stakeholders involved in our school system,” Cline said to MetroNews.

Cline cited the staff, parents, and families enjoy the long summer for children, going to the state fair and the potential for more professional development.

“They like the extended summer,” Cline said. “We have lots of opportunities for professional development for our teachers and personnel. It lends itself towards total preparation for the beginning of school.”

According to Toman, who is in his fourth year at Wetzel County Schools, the citizens and school workers in Wetzel also enjoy the extended summer and chances to get to the big fairs in the communities.

June 5 is the scheduled final day of school for both Wyoming and Wetzel depending on snow days and other schedule changes.

Cline said her district is focused between the first and last day of schools to raise student achievement while meeting student’s individual needs.

“We are looking forward to being able to serve our children in every possible way,” she said. “We absolutely believe we are in sacred service to children and we take that very seriously.”