Dunny and Kay Keyser

VERO BEACH, Fla. — A West Virginia couple,living in Florida, are once again bracing for a hurricane at their island home off the Florida coast. Dunny and Kay Keyser live on a barrier island just off Vero Beach, Florida and like many spent their Labor Day preparing for Hurricane Dorian.

“Some people stick it out and that’s what we’re doing. We’re in a newer home built to specifications with block construction and impact glass,” Dunny said in an appearance Tuesday on MetroNews Talkline.

Dorian’s strength was downgraded after it passed over the Bahamas leaving catastrophic damage. The couple, natives of Jefferson County and graduates of WVU, don’t expect things will be near that bad for them.

“We’re two houses off the ocean, most of those living right on the ocean evacuated just in case the thing shifted in our direction and pushed the surf up over the dune line,” he said. “It’s more about the wind for us because the water would have to rise about 14 feet to get to our house and that’s not going to happen with this storm.”

Hunkered down in their home with their daughter and six pets, they continued to watch and wait.

“If it shifts a little bit east or west, it has a big impact on the amount of damage it can do here, but it’s looking now like we’ll mostly have some landscaping damage and hopefully we have dodged a bullet..”