CHEAT LAKE, W.Va. — A group of property owners from the Cheat Lake area of Monongalia County are frustrated about road conditions and lack of storm drainage.

Now the group is asking for help from the Monongalia County Commission.

Edward Warnick is spokesman for the group recently told commissioners the primary concerns are Sunset Beach Road and Morgan Hill Road.

“Those roads are from the 1800’s, about half of the 1.1 miles out of 1.2 miles of Sunset Beach Road is a single lane,” Warnick said.

Monongalia County school buses also use the single-lane road daily.

We put our money where our mouth is so to speak, in that we have spent 100 hours analyzing these two roads, which is what Mr. Clayton, Darby Clayton, District 4 Engineer asked us to do,” according to Warnick.

Following their efforts the DOH responded saying no projects are being planned for either road.

“That’s pretty unacceptable to any community. whether it’s our community or anyone else’s,” Warnick said.”But, especially when your contributing close to $9 million in tax revenue from the Union District.”

June storms caused major problems in the area as well.

“Microburst here a couple of months ago we had roads washing out on us,” Warnick said. “Four or five homes were washed out, flooded on Sunset Beach Road simply because there’s no drainage system along the road.”

Warnick said he wants commissioners to help the Cheat Lake community get the attention of the DOH to get repairs initiated.