CLAY, W.Va. — Deep concern in two central West Virginia communities after a Friday night football game ended abruptly with a player’s injury.

The game between Clay County and Roane County was suspended when the Roane County player was carried from the field after he collapsed.. EMS personnel tended to him as teammates and opponents leaned on one another.

After he was transported, players from both teams, coaches, cheerleaders, and others came together to pray for the young man.

The incident happened in the first quarter. According to witnesses at the game,the player went down into a prone position and began shaking. Paramedics were quickly summonsed to the field and attended to him rapidly.  He left the field in an ambulance.

Overnight social media was filled with tributes, prayers, and an outpouring of love and support for the Roane County team.



The player’s condition hasn’t been released. The game was tentatively slated to resume Saturday evening according to reports.