BECKLEY, W.Va. — Award winning documentary film maker Morgan Spurlock says he gets back to West Virginia two or three times a year. One of those times will be this week for the Beckley native. He’ll be part of the Rocket Boys Festival put on in Beckley and as pat of it will premier his new movie “Supersize M 2: Holy Chicken.”

Spurlock was noted for his breakthrough work called “Supersize Me” where he ate nothing but fast food for a solid month and followed the negative health effects the behavior created. Speaking on MetroNews Talkline Monday, Spurlock said where the first documentary was about consumer choices, this one is a different look at the wildly popular fast food chicken industry and the cut throat competition.

“I decide to explore the current state of the fast food world, I decide to open up my own fast food restaurant called Holy Chicken. The movie takes on you my journey of opening my own chicken restaurant,” he said.

The documentary looks at the difficulty involved in the fast food business. There is stiff competition with Popeye’s and Chik-fil-A in the movie, but the most revealing discovery for Spurlock was the production of chickens in the U.S. agriculture industry.

“This is what is going to upset folks,” he explained. “Chicken farmers are some off the most mistreated, taken advantage of farmers in the United States today. These are guys who are essentially indentured servants to these giant chicken corporations.”

A screening of the movie is set for this Thursday at Tamarack. It will be one of the headlining events of the Rocket Boys Festival. The showing is at 7 p.m.