MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Commissioners in Monongalia County have produced an option to enhance pedestrian safety at the intersection at Patteson and Laurel Drives.

Mon County commission president Tom Bloom says the goal would be to complete the work in the four to six weeks.

“There’s a number of complications with the state department and their approval to get this done,” Bloom said. “My goal would to get it done in the four to six weeks if possible.”

The proposal would make it a two-stage crossing with a “safe zone” in the middle of the street in the traffic island. Pedestrians would walk to the middle when safe, then complete the second leg of the crossing when traffic is clear.

Bloom added that history shows this is a very dangerous intersection and the pedestrian safety committee has expressed a desire to address as quickly as possible.

The design was done by Alta Planning & Design.