A world record effort for Makayla and four counterparts from across the United States


WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — When the next edition of the Guinness Book of World Records is published, Makayla Scott’s name will be in it. We introduced you to Makayla a few weeks ago. The 16-year old from White Sulphur Springs was among a team of five, which included one adult shooter and four teens, who were planning to try and break the world record for most clay targets broken in a 12 hour period.

Mission Accomplished.

“It went amazing, we went entirely above and beyond,” said Makayla on last Saturday’s West Virginia Outdoors.

The old record was 4,652, but the plan was to try and break 10,000 to set the new record. Again, Mission Accomplished.

“We broke 14,167!” laughed Makayla.

The five shooters planned to take a brief break every hour and it was going well until the record was actually broken. Makayla said that derailed the plan for a little while.

“We were taking a 10 minute break every hour, but four hours in they announced we broke the record so we had to take 20 minutes out for the announcement and pictures and so forth. So we had to ramp it up and for the next eight hours, we had no more than five minute breaks.”

In case you’re wondering how many rounds it took for five shooters to bring down 14,167 clay targets, there is an answer. Somebody counted the empty hulls and according to Makayla is was more than 20,000 shotgun shells, she couldn’t remember the exact total.


What more than 20,000 empty shotgun shells looks like

Shooters started out by loading up with four shells. Each shooter had two machines to throw birds. The would throw one pair, and a report pair would follow.

“We started out loading up four shells, but by the end we were loading up five,” she said.

Bubbly with enthusiasm, Makayla drank in the moment.

“I started out pretty rough, but I got better as the day went along. I was very proud of myself,” she said. “Throughout the entire day, I was the one jumping up and down. By the time the 12 hours was over, I had had a dance party and played fetch with the dog! I was so excited about the whole event.”