CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Two construction companies have joined forces to submit the apparent low bid for the construction a major project in the state’s Roads to Prosperity program.

Pennsylvania-based companies Brayman Construction and Trumbull Construction submitted a joint bid Tuesday totaling $224.4 million to build an additional bridge across the Kanawha River on Interstate 64 at the Kanawha-Putnam county line between Nitro and St. Albans.

Brayman-Trumbull bid was one of only two bids on the work. The second came from Flatiron Contractors at $435.1 million.

The state Division of Highways has previously said plans are to build a second bridge to provide additional lanes of traffic in an area where traffic often bottlenecks. I-64 is three lanes coming west toward the existing bridge which is only two lanes in both directions. Work is also planned for three lanes of traffic on the Putnam County side of the bridges.

The current bridge is often the site of traffic accidents.