CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Gov. Jim Justice has called another legislative special session.

This one, with three bills to be considered, is supposed to start at noon Monday. That is when lawmakers were gathering anyway for regularly-scheduled interim meetings.

Another special session started March 10, right after the regular legislative session adjourned, and then continued off and on until Sept. 23.

The Legislature wasn’t in session that entire time. Both houses recessed for several weeks to gather public response on education issues. The House and Senate then alternated their activity in June, eventually passing an omnibus education bill.

The on-again, off-again session also resulted in passage of some other legislation such as a tax break for the financially-struggling Pleasants Power Station and additional funding for West Virginia road work.

In all, Governor Justice amended the special session proclamation four times.

He added 30 additional bills the first time, one the second time, another bill the third time and a dozen more bills the fourth time.

Now there will be a whole new special session.

There are three bills being proposed.

One would approve spending authority for debt service payments for the second and third rounds of general obligation bonds for West Virginia road work.

Another is aimed at bringing some DUI expungement procedures in line with federal law.

And the third would re-authorize the Tourism Development Act.