MORGANTOWN, W.Va.¬†—¬†Library officials have cancelled the Drag Queen Storytime event scheduled for Saturday due to threats of violence on the participants.

Library director Sarah Palfrey said the scheduled readers received death threats and did not feel safe.

“We had a event scheduled for Saturday and the volunteer readers received enough death threats that they felt they should not participate,” Palfrey said.

Morgantown Police Chief Ed Preston told WAJR News they did receive word of one threat at 8 p.m. Thursday. Preston said the person reporting it characterized it as “veiled.” Preston said the alleged target of the complaint insisted that no investigation be conducted.

WAJR obtained a copy of the report and it said, “One person made various statements that could be perceived as veiled threats.”

The report said the person who received the threat wanted it documented.

The Drag Queen event has generated a lot of conversation on social media for the last few weeks. The West Virginia Family Policy Council said Friday the event was cancelled because the library found out one of the readers had a criminal record.

The library has not said if the event would be rescheduled. It said it would have regular family story time at 10 a.m.

Drag Queen events have become popular in urban areas but they’ve also produced protests in those areas.