CHARLESTON, W.Va. — An official with an Indiana ski resort says buying Timberline Four Seasons in Tucker County is a “dream come true.”

“We knew there would be a lot of players looking to add to their portfolios with all the consolidations in the news as of late,” said Jonathan Davis, assistant general manager with Perfect North Slopes. “A little family-owned and -operated area in Indiana, we didn’t know what chances we’d get.”

Perfect North Slopes, based out of Lawrenceburg, Indiana, purchased Timberline Four Seasons at a public auction for $2.2 million. The ski resort will be closed for the year in light of the original owners filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in April.

Davis said Timberline Four Seasons has been on the minds of many ski resorts since the bankruptcy announcement.

“The terrain, the snow, the locals,” he said. “When the opportunity came up that this was in bankruptcy, we did a hard soul searching. Is this something that would make sense?”

The purchasing deal is set to close Dec. 6; Davis said work will start “very shortly.”

MetroNews affiliate WMOV contributed to this story.