GREENBRIER COUNTY, W.Va. — The shooting deaths of two people who were killed last week in Greenbrier County were definitely not the result of a hunting accident.

That’s according to Patrick Via, prosecuting attorney for Greenbrier County.

He has been working with State Police and others to determine what exactly happened before Jeremiah Thomas, 33, and Jennifer Thomas, 34, of Smoot, were fatally shot on Friday, Nov. 29.

No charges had been filed as of Tuesday morning.

“The incident appears to have resulted over a dispute or an argument about a hunting lease or the property associated with a hunting lease in terms of the use or misuse, as the case may be,” Via said.

“We are developing facts on this pretty rapidly.”

Via said the two victims were married.

Two other people were involved in some way in the shootings near Williamsburg, described as a rural area near the county line with Nicholas County.

In addition to State Police, deputies with the Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Department and the Nicholas County Sheriff’s Department responded to the shooting scene around 4:30 p.m. last Friday.

“The matter remains under investigation and will be under investigation for so long a period as it takes to ascertain the facts,” Via said.

“Currently, that investigation is ongoing vigorously.”