MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A person of interest in a fatal crash involving two West Virginia University students has agreed to a police interview.

Chloe Robertson, 21, of Clermont, Florida, died in the January wreck near Philadelphia. The second student in the vehicle, Bobbiann Gubbei, of Mantua, New Jersey, was seriously injured.

The person has yet to be charged because of pending toxicology test results and a police investigation.


Chloe Robertson

Lauren Robertson, Chloe Robertson’s sister, told WAJR-AM the suspect told police he had been drinking before the incident.

“They are nearly done with their police investigation in order to forward it to the state attorney’s office to formally charge him,” she added. “They have told me they are waiting for toxicology reports.”

Chloe Robertson was a senior studying criminology.

Lauren Robertson said her family recently traveled to Morgantown to get her sister’s belonging and attend a vigil. She noted the trip was difficult for her mother.

“I don’t think she really realized the impact of what happened until then because she was packing up (Chloe’s) room,” Lauren Robertson said. “She was realizing that in five months it was supposed to be a happy time.”

A GoFundMe page for Gubbei’s medical bills and tuition costs has been established.