CLARKSBURG, W.Va. —┬áMarion County Magistrate Mark Hayes has been appointed preside over any criminal proceedings involving former Harrison County Magistrate Tammy Marple, although it’s not clear what those criminal proceedings may involve.

Tammy Marple

Marple, who spent 23 years as a magistrate in Harrison County, abruptly resigned on Tuesday. Marple did not provide a reason for her sudden departure.

Harrison County Circuit Judge Thomas Bedell requested that West Virginia Chief Justice Tim Armstead appoint a magistrate as all Harrison County magistrates were disqualified. The request was for “matters involving the investigation and prosecution, including but not limited to, receiving and verifying criminal complaints, as well as issuing arrest warrants, conducting initial appearances, setting bonds, conducting preliminary hearings and all related matters, involving Tammy Marple.”

The order issued by Chief Justice Armstead did not specify any allegations pending against Marple.