MetroNews staff photo

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The best way to get away from people may be to just get outside. That’s at least what the West Virginia State Park System is hoping fore.

“We specialize in social distancing in State Parks,” said Acting West Virginia State Parks Chief Bad Reed.

The West Virginia State Parks have announced they will stay open during the state of emergency for the purpose of allowing people to get out into nature and get some separation from others.

“We had a strong weekend in our lodging and camping, but our outdoor and dy use recreation like fishing and hiking is actually up from normal March activities,” he said.

Reed believes the park system is an outlet for those who have been isolated from almost every other event outside of their home.

“State Parks are the perfect place for people to recreate during this crises,” he said.

According to Reed cleaning crews at the park system have been instructed on new measures and policies which deep clean every lodge room and cabin after every visitor. Like most places any employees who are sick are asked to stay home until their illness has run its course.

Although there are few meetings still being conducted any meetings are placed into the largest rooms available and seats positioned at a greater distance across the room. The same goes for State Park restaurants where Reed said they have doubled the space between tables to insure more social distancing during the ongoing crises.