Carmichael greets the crowd at the Capitol

Senate president says he had hoped to talk. Full Story »

School personnel demonstrations continue in Monongalia County

8 hours ago by in News

"Our concerns have fallen on deaf ears," said South Middle School English teacher Ashley Glock. Full Story »

Congressional librarian visits West Virginia

9 hours ago by in News

Dr. Carla Hayden says it isn't your grandmother's library any more--but she's certainly welcome there. Full Story »

Harrison County educators ready to extend work stoppage past Friday

10 hours ago by in News

Many of those educators are expecting the work stoppage to extend past Friday, and say if it does, they're ready. Full Story »

Miner killed in Raleigh County

11 hours ago by in News

Victim died while doing some electrical work at a highwall mine owned by Pocahontas Coal Company Full Story »

Police search for gunman in Charleston drug robbery

13 hours ago by in News

One shot in the back when drug deal turns into a robbery Full Story »

Justice signs pay raise bill even as walkout looms

1 day ago by in News

WVEA chief Lee suggests 5 percent next year. Full Story »

Raleigh County teachers, personnel and parents unite

9 hours ago by in News

"Because our kids are that important," said a school service worker. Full Story »

Flood threat heightened with another round of rain

9 hours ago by in News

Ohio River could be hit again. Full Story »

“Enough is enough,” teachers shout on picket lines across W.Va.

11 hours ago by in News

School employees demand better pay and health insurance during Day 1 of strike. Full Story »

Feds raid doctor’s office in Charleston

12 hours ago by in News

Documents taken out of neurologist's office. Full Story »

WV walkout empties classrooms, brings teachers to picket lines

22 hours ago by in News

Teachers, service personnel walk out over wages and benefits. Full Story »

House to take up gun parking lot bill

1 day ago by in News

HB 4187, also known as the Business Liability Protection Act, would allow employees to have guns in their vehicles when they park in their business parking lot. Full Story »

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