Brad McElhinny, Author at WV MetroNews

Yesterday July 22, 2019

Lawmakers consider a break for struggling power plant

Pleasants Power Station is asking for $12.5 million annual relief on its business and occupation tax.

Sunday July 21, 2019

After 20 years of phone banks and sign waving, he was removed by certified letter

Members removed from Kanawha County GOP Executive Committee serve notice they intend to sue.

Saturday July 20, 2019

W.Va. government aims to up its reach on social media

Social media management platform will help organize outreach, but observers warn to watch where the line is.

Friday July 19, 2019

Justice settles millions in out-of-state debt claims

Two recent settlements were the latest in a series.

Thursday July 18, 2019

People may see pain pill influx at local level with interactive based on DEA database

Information comes from a database maintained by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Judge rules Blankenship’s lawsuit over campaign should stay in federal court, not Mingo County

Judge concludes Blankenship doesn't live in Mingo County, or West Virginia.

Wednesday July 17, 2019

Judge denies motion to dismiss Governor Justice’s residency case

First set of discovery responses is due in a month.

Manchin expresses frustration, skepticism over China natural gas deal

Senator says he can't get details about deal, worries that gas could just be shipped overseas.

Tuesday July 16, 2019

W.Va. House names new leaders of Education Committee

Ellington, Higginbotham take over Education Committee.

GOP’s Potter says removing elected county chairman was emergency, rifts have been overblown

GOP chairwoman breaks silence with statewide radio appearance.

Monday July 15, 2019

Seeking $3 million from Justice, officials find a few thousand plus empty accounts

Some banks report empty or closed accounts.

WV GOP issues heat up with notice of lawsuit and letter asking chairwoman to resign

New members are named to Kanawha GOP committee, over protests.

Wednesday July 10, 2019

Justice companies say federal lawsuit over safety violations should be dismissed

Lawyers for Justice companies cite venue problems with filing in western Virginia.

Tuesday July 9, 2019

West Virginia’s bumpy roads become focus of governor’s race

Thrasher says he would apply consistent emphasis; Justice says he inherited problem; Folk says neither has a great track record.

Monday July 8, 2019

Kanawha GOP members aim to remove chairwoman; she sends letters removing some of them first

Conflict started with a vote of no confidence in Gov. Jim Justice a few months ago.

Sunday July 7, 2019

Debate over housing need, use of federal dollars has gone on 3 years after flood

State officials have asked how much money is needed for West Virginia's post-disaster needs, how many homes remain for work and whether money should be shifted to other needs.

Saturday July 6, 2019

With one main contractor, RISE grapples with building homes for disaster victims

Thompson Construction remains active; VOAD tries to fill construction gap.

Thursday July 4, 2019

Billionaire West Virginia coal operator and philanthropist Chris Cline dies in helicopter crash

Governor Justice among those paying tribute.

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