Brad McElhinny

Yesterday March 25, 2017

A glimpse at the WV budget as it takes shape

Work on putting the bill together could start Monday.

House’s ‘broaden-the-base’ bill is challenged out of the gate

Delegates narrowly vote down a motion to reject the bill on first reading.

Delegates stand as they vote to pass flood-planning bill

Bill passes 96-0 with four absences.

House passes parts of Justice’s highways package

Despite rancor between Justice and legislators, highways package is flowing through.

Friday March 24, 2017

House’s ‘broaden-the-base’ bill brings back food tax, estimates $174 million in new revenue

Committee passes separate bill to refinance teachers retirement, fund teachers' payraise.

Senate slims down its tax reform bill; House makes a push for its version

CHARLESTON, W.Va. —┬áThe state Senate has subbed out its broad-ranging tax reform proposal for a slimmed-down version, and the House of Delegates is making a...

House approves South Charleston tax/development plan

Project would be a $150 million investment and would be paid for by the taxes of new businesses brought into the City of South Charleston....

‘Gayle Manchin’: key words in House debate over Education and the Arts

Bill would move arts and culture programs to other departments.

House passes bill authorizing sale of Jackie Withrow Hospital

Authorizes DHHR Secretary to pursue sale.

Governor’s tax bill passes House Finance, without its biggest piece

Bill does away with film tax credits and raises beer barrel tax.

15 days left, and tax reform amendment under consideration

Tax reform committee to discuss amendment today.

Thursday March 23, 2017

Justice’s Tourism reorganization bill gets reorganized

Senator Trump's amendment would de-fund tourism if Cacapon, Beech Fork improvements don't move forward.

Amendment turns into a big deal in state Senate

Amendment was meant to specify legislative say-so over standardized testing changes.

Another brick in the state budget passes the Senate

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state Senate passed a bill that is a key part of the budget proposals┬ápresented by both the Legislature and the governor....

More of Justice’s highways package passes Senate Finance

Bills moving in both House and Senate.

Wednesday March 22, 2017

Greyhound racing moves to the brink, but Justice says he wants to keep it

House and Senate finance committees vote to 'de-couple' racetracks.

Finance chairman says lantern and ‘war room’ not necessary to convey situation is serious

Delegate Eric Nelson says his committee has been doing its homework already.

In ‘war room,’ Democrats worry that GOP budget blanks won’t be filled in

Democrats gather with governor; Republicans decline this invitation.

Tuesday March 21, 2017

Knuckleheads, blockheads, idiots, grizzlies, poodles and walrus part of W.Va. public discourse

Tone called into question as legislative session hits home stretch.

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