Brad McElhinny

Yesterday July 20, 2018

Impeachment committee holds off on Supreme Court tour until reporters can come too

The tour of the Supreme Court, where expensive renovations kicked off a series of controversies, had been scheduled for Friday.

Impeachment Day 4: Committee holds off on Supreme Court tour until WV media can be there

Impeachment hearings continue before the House Judiciary Committee.

Thursday July 19, 2018

Security officers describe helping Justice Loughry with his couch and desk moves

Supreme Court impeachment proceedings continue at the state Legislature.

Impeachment Day 3: Court employees describe Loughry’s moves on couch, desk

The House Judiciary Committee is continuing hearings to determine whether to recommend impeachment of one or more members of the West Virginia Supreme Court.

Wednesday July 18, 2018

Smiles and greetings at events for China developers give way to conflicts among key players

Photo galleries captured images of dinner, reception for China investors.

Carmichael’s universal healthcare question comes up before PEIA Task Force

In a series of tweets and in a statement released to the media earlier this week, Carmichael referenced a "radical socialist agenda."

Tuesday July 17, 2018

Another obstruction charge is added to Justice Loughry’s indictment

The new indictment adds an obstruction of justice count on top of the existing wire and mail fraud, false statements and witness tampering offenses. 

Carmichael says teachers union has ‘radical socialist agenda’

AFT-WV President Campbell fires back, saying Carmichael is taking credit for pay raise when he should not.

Monday July 16, 2018

Bankruptcy trustee wants financial documents from former Middletown Mall owner

Mall has been in the news because of years of state payments after DHHR vacated property.

Sunday July 15, 2018

Questions hang over Justice’s claims against natural gas developer

The Governor's Office alleged Hedrick used his close relationships to gain inside knowledge about the China deal, including strategy.

Friday July 13, 2018

Seven homes now complete after two years of long-term flood recovery

Families still recovering two years after devastating floods.

Supreme Court says impeachment hearings have been a ‘fishing expedition’

Letter sent to delegates on second day of impeachment.

Impeachment Day 2: Deputy administrator testifies about furniture moves

Delegates received a firm letter from the Supreme Court's interim administrator objecting to the scope of the impeachment proceedings.

Thursday July 12, 2018

Blog: First day of impeachment covers cars, antique desk, gift cards

Impeachment proceedings begin in the state Legislature.

Ketchum’s retirement means he won’t be impeached

Delegates focus on use of state vehicles on first day of impeachment proceedings.

Wednesday July 11, 2018

Historic Supreme Court impeachment session on deck

Impeachment proceedings begin at 10 a.m. Watch streaming video here.

WV will have to execute new contracts for long-term flood relief

State will be able to continue some work, especially for cases already in housing pipeline, under existing contracts.

Justice Ketchum steps away from the Supreme Court

Announcement means Supreme Court vacancy is likely to be on November ballot.

Tuesday July 10, 2018

Higher ed shakeup moves Chancellor Hill to consultant, brings in WVU Tech’s Long

First shoes drop in West Virginia's latest look at higher education.

Monday July 9, 2018

HUD still says West Virginia is a ‘slow spender’ on long-term flood relief

HUD indicates West Virginia spent $23,223 from the end of May to the end of June.

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