Brad McElhinny

Tuesday February 14, 2017

Kids, families, constituents all want a say on W.Va. state budget squeeze

Almost every day brings a new constituent group to the Capitol.

Monday February 13, 2017

Pension fund payments eyed as a way to fill W.Va. state budget gap

Ideas include refinancing pension debt or 'smoothing' payments over period of years.

Justice’s Greenbrier, Glade Springs step aside on tourism matching grants

The Greenbrier was awarded $125,000 in 2016, $50,000 in 2015, and $100,000 in 2014.

Sunday February 12, 2017

Behind on donations, United Way of Central WV asks for more help

Charitable agency is $300,000 below its fundraising goal.

‘Mountain Stage’ host Larry Groce says programming sends positive messages Justice should want

$4.6 million cut proposed for the Educational Broadcasting Authority.

Saturday February 11, 2017

Stand-alone Starbucks, stone’s throw from Civic Center, ready to open

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Starting at 5:30 a.m. next Friday, Kanawha Valley coffee cravers with a hankering for Starbucks can drive through for a cup of...

Century agrees to fund health care benefits for Ravenswood plant retirees

If the court approves, Century will pay $23 million into a trust fund.

Friday February 10, 2017

Don Blankenship’s defense team asks for appeal to be re-heard

Request filed just before 5 p.m. Friday.

Now asphalt company takes aim at DOH over its criticisms of Morrisey

Company says Morrisey was right to take his time and consider full situation.

Thursday February 9, 2017

How Governor Justice came up with his first budget

New governor says West Virginia can't move forward with dramatic cuts to state agencies and programs.

Here’s how Justice’s ‘alternative budget’ would have looked

Administration passes around second budget possibility heavy on cuts.

Wednesday February 8, 2017

Justice’s plan to fill budget gap goes lighter on cuts, suggests a new business tax

Legislative leaders say they disappointed in small amount cuts--promise to take lead on issue.

Blank and ready; Justice and whiteboard set for State of State Address

Legislative leaders wonder about cuts, revenue mix.

Highways lawyer writes that Morrisey was asked three times to jump in on asphalt lawsuit

Morrisey said in press conference that his office wouldn't rush into action.

‘Original guy’ Justice says he’ll bring casual style to serious policy speech

Justice will have some notes, a white board and a marker.

Tuesday February 7, 2017

Justice wants to borrow. But how much, what for and how will W.Va. pay it back?

Justice wants to leverage money from Wall Street, possibly for infrastructure or to help fill state budget gap.

Monday February 6, 2017

From basketball arena to State of the State, new Gov. Jim Justice says he’s ready

Justice acknowledges $500 million budget hole will cause pain but says W.Va. can't cut to point that economic engine won't run.

Sunday February 5, 2017

W.Va. Legislators: Sales tax hike, no. Close exemptions, yes.

Bill was considered last year, but yanked late in the session.

Friday February 3, 2017

Dog’s death sentence delayed after attention from Supreme Court, governor and a Hail Mary

Jasper, a 23-pound whippet mix, was set to be euthanized after biting girls.

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