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Monday July 1, 2019

Family camping trip turns into a nightmare along Dry Fork

Family is forced out of their tents and into the driving rain as a flash flood overtook their campsite and nearly swept them away in Sunday's training storm cells

The water came out of nowhere

Seneca Rocks family had to scramble to save what they could as waters rose out of nowhere.

Saturday June 29, 2019

Morgantown junior rifle club begins to flex shooting muscle

The Mason-Dixon Rifle Jr. Rifle Club is starting to flourish with regular trips to national competition and now four shooters at the NCAA level

Thursday June 27, 2019

DNR biologist named Recovery Champion

Janet Clayton has spent 30 years in the water to study and protect freshwater mussels, many are still here thanks to her work. She also stresses the often overlooked importance of mussels in our ecosystem

Insurance claims minimal from Charleston tornado

Although some homeowners saw damage, the number of insurance claims to one of the state's biggest carriers remains low in the wake of Monday's tornado

Wednesday June 26, 2019

Appalachian Power makes progress on outage repairs

Crews make faster progress than what was expected, but the level of damage to lines and poles was severe according to company officials

Tuesday June 25, 2019

Royalty owners excited about the future with EQT settlement

Class action suit settles for $53 Million, but royalty owners believe the fine print is where the real win can be found

Gallery: Cleanup from Charleston storms will take a while

Images from social media and various Metronews listeners in Charleston following what is confirmed by the National Weather Service as e a tornado which touched down in Kanawha County.

Monday June 24, 2019

Putnam County Health Department readies for independent status

Bills have been paid, services in place.

Friday June 21, 2019

New shotgun facility opens in Lewis County

Stonewall Sporting Clays features the most state of the art clay and trap shooting range in the region

Thursday June 20, 2019

Marshall County cleans up and prepares for more simultaneously

Heavy rains cause storm drains to back up and send water rushing into streets and yards. Some homes are damaged, but officials worry more of the same is in the forecast

Monday June 17, 2019

West Virginia is in the path of some torrential rain

Forecasters fear conditions are right for flooding, but they've cast a wide net, unsure where it might happen.

Friday June 14, 2019

Huge turnout expected for 15th Tour de Coal

What started as an effort to clean up a river with a soiled reputation has become a full blown summer festival in Kanawha County

Wednesday June 12, 2019

DNR agreement with Weyerhaeuser aimed at stream improvements

Weyerhaeuser and DNR enter a Memorandum of Understanding allowing for treatment of acid water and stream enhancement projects on watersheds in West Virginia owned by the company, mainly the South Fork of Cherry River.

Tuesday June 11, 2019

Hoyer believes second Challenge Academy is needed

Creating a second Mountaineer Challenge Academy would allow the state to double the students at risk who are served. The idea is part of the state Senate's Student Success Act.

DNR confirms bear killed near incident scene

Officials hope lab work will determine if the bear killed is the same one involved in the mauling of an Upshur County woman

Monday June 10, 2019

Development mission to Far East reports progress

Commerce Secretary says China Energy is looking at up to 7 development projects in West Virginia in the energy sector

Saturday June 8, 2019

DNR scales back effort to capture culprit bear in Upshur County incident

Agency urges removal of any food source which might attract a bear into your yard like bird feeders, pet food, or household trash

Thursday June 6, 2019

Free fishing this weekend in West Virginia

It's a great time to give fishing a try if you've never been, to reintroduce yourself with fishing if you haven't been in a while, or to take your kids license required.

Wednesday June 5, 2019

75 years later, West Virginia native recalls Omaha Beach

A West Virginia native shares his recollections of the Normandy invasion 75 years later

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