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Monday March 4, 2019

Campus Carry not on agenda but far from dead

Extra time being given for proposed amendments.

Students rally at the Capitol against campus carry bill

Senate Judiciary slated to take up the bill Monday afternoon.

Saturday March 2, 2019

‘Last Dollar In’ bill heads to full House after committee approval

Bill that's a top priority of Senate president remains alive with one week to go in session.

Friday March 1, 2019

No hurdle so far for medical marijuana banking bill in Senate

Senate Judiciary Committee passes House bill and sends to full Senate for consideration.

Thursday February 28, 2019

Satellite casino bill dies in Senate Finance Committee

Bill that passed the House goes down to one vote defeat in committee.

Wednesday February 27, 2019

After almost certain death, House passes campus carry bill

The House of Delegates passed the bill late Wednesday in a 59-41 vote.

Back to life: Campus Carry Bill up for debate Wednesday evening

House Rules Committee moves controversial bill back to active calendar.

Tuesday February 26, 2019

House passes long list of bills, readies for Wednesday’s crossover day

Delegates move toward Day 50.

Monday February 25, 2019

House gets heated during campus carry bill debate

House Bill 2519, the Campus Self Defense Act as it’s officially called, was on first reading.

Saturday February 23, 2019

Road bills moving as crossover day approaches

DOH core maintenance targeted.

Senate considers changes to vehicle inspections

One provision has inspections going to once every 2 years.

Friday February 22, 2019

House Education sends community college bill to Finance

The House Education Committee wrapped up its third day of work on Senate Bill 1.

Thursday February 21, 2019

‘Last Dollar In’ discussion continues in House Education Committee

Bill debate to continue Friday.

House debates restoring money to racetrack purse funds

Supporting delegates say bill restores promise.

Wednesday February 20, 2019

House Education Committee takes first steps on community college bill

The House of Delegates Education Committee made some changes to the bill as it came from the Senate.

Tuesday February 19, 2019

Public hearing held on convention of states resolutions

Article V of the U.S. Constitution allows two-thirds of the states – 34 now – to apply to Congress to call a convention for proposing amendments.

House Finance passes satellite casinos bill

House Finance gave its thumbs-up to an amended version of the legislation.

Senate passes legislation while attention focused on House

The Senate breezed through a handful of hardly noticed bills.

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