Shauna Johnson

Today September 18, 2014

ISIS vote moves to U.S. Senate

The U.S. House has already approved a proposal to arm Syrian opposition forces.

Yesterday September 17, 2014

Martinsburg doctor indicted on 100 federal charges

Dr. Tressie Duffy was allegedly illegally distributing prescription drugs.

Tuesday September 16, 2014

Statewide emergency test scheduled for Wednesday

West Virginia's Public Alert and Warning System will be checked.

Study says well leaks are to blame for methane found in PA and TX water wells

Researchers have determined fracking is not the cause in those cases.

Should the Boy Scouts of America’s Summit be opened up to other events?

It's a question voters will answer during the Nov. 4 general election.

Cancer survivors and patients lobby lawmakers for continued research funding

West Virginians are among those who were part of Tuesday's lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill.

Monday September 15, 2014

Blogger says ‘something slipped through the cracks’ on Shankar case

West Virginia University officials have not yet fully detailed the investigation into the doctor who, according to an NBC analysis, made up much of his resume.

Farmers questioning tank law

The deadline for aboveground storage tank registration comes in just more than two weeks.

Friday September 12, 2014

Jenkins supports U.S. airstrikes in Syria

The Republican 3rd Congressional District candidate weighs in on President Barack Obama's ISIS proposals.

Thursday September 11, 2014

WVU official addresses Shankar controversy

Dr. Chris Colenda, chancellor for health sciences at WVU, talked about the matter on Thursday's MetroNews "Talkline."

Manchin calls ISIS “a threat to America”

But, the Senator said, he does not support funding the Free Syrian Army.

Wednesday September 10, 2014

All sides call DEP interpretive rule for tank law a “compromise”

The rule dominated the discussion on Wednesday's MetroNews "Talkline."

Tuesday September 9, 2014

Lobbyists for kids and families roll into State Capitol

The Our Children, Our Future Policy Symposium will continue through Wednesday.

DEP creates different tank inspection levels; inspection deadline stays the same

Secretary says they're simply 'interpreting' the Aboveground Storage Tank Act.

President makes ISIS pitch to Congressional leaders

A national address is scheduled for Wednesday.

Monday September 8, 2014

President to detail ISIS plan

A national address is scheduled for Wednesday.

MetroNews will carry next month’s U.S. Senate debate

Hoppy Kercheval will host the debate between Republican Shelley Moore Capito and Democrat Natalie Tennant.

Final regional Home Rule meeting set for Monday

Representatives from Charles Town, Ranson, Martinsburg and Berkeley Springs will make their presentations.

Friday September 5, 2014

West Virginia tops obesity list

The Mountain State's adult obesity rate is tied with Mississippi's adult obesity rate.

Thursday September 4, 2014

DMV offering more services online

Registration renewals and driver's license status checks now no longer require a trip to a DMV office.

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