Monday July 25, 2016

Summertime at Snowshoe is a hidden gem

The coolest spot in West Virginia in the summertime, literally.

Wednesday April 20, 2016

Tourism won’t replace King Coal, but it doesn’t hurt

Trout rodeo highlights list of "things to do" list in southern W.Va.

Friday March 25, 2016

The man I knew as Cadillac

Grieving the loss of a good buddy, but respecting how he'd want me to do it.

Friday February 26, 2016

QDMA responds to Wilson’s remarks

Clearing the air amid a firestorm of controversy and criticism

Tuesday February 23, 2016

Commissioner rebuffs groups advocating lower buck limit in W.Va.

Commissioner Kenny Wilson with rare remarks during the commissioners meeting laid out his claim why a lower buck limit would be an expensive mistake for the state's sportsmen.

Wednesday February 17, 2016

Sunday hunting bill may be in jeopardy

Lawmakers appear reluctant to reverse the outcome of local option votes.

Saturday January 9, 2016

Hunting and Fishing show offers a good way to spend an afternoon

Come one, come all to the biggest hunting and fishing event of its kind in West Virginia.

Monday December 21, 2015

The best Christmas gift I ever received

Things I learned with my first shotgun stick with me even today.

Wednesday November 18, 2015

West Virginia’s new electronic game check seems to be a winner

Free advice to avoid my mistake which almost made an outlaw out of my kid.

Tuesday October 27, 2015

First deer — a moment frozen in time

Time alone in the woods allows for far more than just learning how to hunt between parents and children.

Monday October 12, 2015

West Virginians under utilize the Hatfield-McCoy Trail

A lot of West Virginia ATV riders don't know what they're missing.

Saturday August 15, 2015

Banning trophy hunting would be a huge misstep

Blind rage and misinformation could be disastrous for African wildlife

Friday July 24, 2015

Fawn causes a stir on my street

Everybody's concern for young deer's well being may be what ultimately brings about its demise.

Wednesday July 15, 2015

Sunshine returning, but high water still risky

If you're weekend plans include fishing or any outing near the water, be aware of the dangers.

Wednesday July 8, 2015

Leave wildlife in the wild

Keeping wildlife as a pet never seems to work out well.

Friday May 22, 2015

Can’t we all just get along….

Conflicts on the water can be resolved when adult attitudes emerge.

Wednesday April 29, 2015

We are failing our children vocationally

Skills which were once commonly taught as part of growing up are lost on a new generation, much of it because of fear.

Tuesday April 21, 2015

Electronic check-in is here …finally

Hunting and fishing systems evolve into the 21st Century.

Thursday February 26, 2015

Taking the show on the road

I'll be taking the show to several locations around West Virginia in the months ahead. Hopefully we will cross paths.

Tuesday February 24, 2015

Senators consider change to conceal carry law

Are there pitfalls or advantages to changing the current conceal carry law in West Virginia?

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