A log placed across a key point in Mill Creek in Kumbrabow State Forest helps guide the natural flow of the stream to make self sustaining trout habitat.

DNR tackles another stream restoration project

Employees of DNR, Division of Forestry, and WVU spent much of their summer in Kumbrabow State Forest restoring another stream into an incubator for larger native brook trout.  Full Story »

Hunter donates bowhunting collection to state of West Virginia


Game mounts from around the world over the last 20 years have become state property and will serve as educational exhibit for children. Full Story »

WVU anglers win and qualify for national bass fishing championship


Matthew Gibson and Ed Rude III headed for another college fishing championship event after winning over the weekend on Potomac River in Maryland. Full Story »

Ready for fall turkey season in West Virginia


Strong mast year will require critical scouting to locate fall birds. Full Story »

Blackwater group says doser would be better used elsewhere


Friends of Blackwater suggests moving doser which malfunctioned to the Northfork where it might be far more effective in treating acid mine drainage. Full Story »

Oak mast way up for 2014


The 2014 Mast Survey showed heavy oak production, but other species were down in a flip from the 2013 report. Full Story »

Celebrating hunting and fishing


This weekend is dedicated to recognizing the contributions hunters and anglers have made to the outdoors. Full Story »

Archery season arrives in West Virginia


Biologists expect numbers similar to 2013, but mast conditions are improved. Full Story »

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Trout Stocking Report

October 8, 2014

Fish and wildlife management in WV braces for a blow

A wave of retirement is sweeping through DNR but the next generation of decision makers for game and fish remains uncertain in West Virginia.

September 23, 2014

Rifle vs. shotgun for squirrel hunting

What's your choice for shooting bushy tails?

September 11, 2014

A history lesson on Gauley Season

The early drawdown at Summersville would happen with or without rafting, plus a new idea for the Gauley fishery.

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