Record Perch Caught at Summersville Lake


Craig Hollandsworth of Cowen and his wife love to fish Summersville Lake.   Craig has caught quite a few nice fish from the waters in Nicholas County, but none to compare to the one he caught May 9th.

"We went out one morning doing some bass fishing and I hooked into this fish and it rolled up on its side and I thought I had a walleye," Hollandsworth said. "It put up a pretty good fight and it came to the top of the water and my wife netted it and it was a huge perch."

It was huge indeed.  The perch stretched the tape measure 15 and a half inches when Craig first landed it.  However, it took two days before the DNR could put the official tape measure to the fish after it shrank a bit, but still measured long enough to establish a new state record at 15.44 inches, besting the old record caught in an Upshur County farm pond in 2008 by Joshua Carr.

Record Yelow Perch caught by Craig Hollandsworth at Summersville Lake

Craig’s fish weighed 1.20 pounds, falling short of the standing record of 1.85 caught at Tygart Lake in 1985.   He caught the fish using a live minnow and says perch are says it’s not unusual to pull sizeable perch from the depths of Summserville.

"I have caught some pretty good ones," said Hollandsworth who regularly fishes at Summersville Lake. "I’ve caught some 13 and 14 inches long."

Hollandsworth dropped the fish into his live well on that Sunday morning and continued fishing.  He reports the day held good fishing for smallmouth as well.  Later in the day, he had a tough time contacting anybody with the DNR since it was the weekend.  However, eventually biologist from Beckley came to the lake and officially certified the record at the Battle Run Ramp.  

"I kept it alive in the live well and after the DNR Biologist got there and measured it, I released it," said Craig. "I didn’t want to kill it, I wanted to release it."

So the state record yellow perch was caught from and still swims the waters of Summersville Lake today.  Hollandsworth isn’t worried about the fish breaking its own record again thought.

"I told everybody I sewed his mouth shut before I put it back in," he laughed.


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