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Game Law Violations Now Reported On-Line


Those who illegally kill a bear may be caught by a mouse.  The law enforcement section of the West Virginia DNR has established a new line of communications for the public to report any game law violations they observe.    Those wishing to report a game law violation can now do it on-line.

"We have a limited number of Natural Resources Police Officers in the field, so the public plays a critical role in protecting our natural resources by reporting violations," said Lt. Col. Jerry Jenkins of the DNR Law Enforcement Section. "Submitting a report is a quick and easy way to report violations.”

A link off the DNR’s website
will give anyone an opportunity to report what they have seen.  The information collected includes the date, time, county, and description of what you may have observed.   There’s an optional line to leave your name and phone number if you’re willing to be identified as part of the investigation.  Often an eye witness is critical to a case, but Jenkins says an anonymous tip is vital to get Natural Resources Police headed in the right direction.

“Reporting a crime with this form is anonymous,” Jenkins said. “The Division of Natural Resources does not obtain any information that will identify the user of this system unless you are willing to give us your name and contact information.”

The information filed in the on-line report is directed to the DNR’s District Office in the region where the alleged act occurred for a follow up investigation.   The more detailed your report, the better.   You’re urged to get as good a description as possible of violators, vehicles, license plate numbers, and any other details you have observed to help officers track down poaching activity in West Virginia.   The agency adds, if the activity is in progress call 9-1-1 for more immediate action.


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