The Sad Truth About Danica Patrick


It is time for somone to tell the truth about Danica Patrick.  You know Danica.  She is a big enough star that no last name is needed. 

She is one of the most recognized faces in auto racing, first as an Indy car driver and now as a NASCAR driver, mostly on the Nationwide Series. I have been to many Indy 500’s and seen Danica in person. She is incredibly charming and accomodating with the media. I was always appreciative of that.  

However, all is not well. Too many times I have observed another side of Danica Patrick and it is time for someone to challenge her on it.  

Too often rather than act like an athlete, she  acts like a baby! A whining punk! A spoiled brat!

When things don’t go her way on the track, she is too often incredibly unprofessional. She is going to get someone hurt if she doesn’t change.

The stunt she pulled at Talledega on Sunday with Sam Hornish, Jr., was sadly, all too typical of Danica. By now, you know the story of Patrick being bumped by Hornish when he lost control of his car due to a flattening tire and of Patrick’s post-race retaliation. 

Hornish, by the way, is one of the nicest drivers in the business. He is also talented and won the Indianapolis 500 in 2006. He was also a three-time Indy Racing League champion. Hornish and Patrick are also friends and raced go karts against each other as kids.  

Patrick now realizes she was wrong and she is now doing some damage control. She has apologized to Hornish, his team owner Roger Penske and the Director of the Nationwide Series. 

Save it Danica! 

Your apologies ring a little hollow. Rather than apologize, how about growing up and becoming a professional instead!

Accidents happen to all drivers in racing. Sometimes tempers flare, but not every time. Whenever accidents happen and Danica gets knocked out of a race, she takes it personally and throws an immature temper tantrum, much like a small child.  When Danica wrecks, she looks for a confrontation. She can play and act tough against the male drivers because she knows that they could never challenge her back physically.

She had a confrontational moment with the late Dan Wheldon in Milwaukee on the IRL circuit. 

She also went after fellow female Indy driver Mika Duno who eventually responded by throwing a towel in Patrick’s face. As a female driver, if Patrick shoves her, Duno, can shove her back.

So, who is the real Danica Patrick?   Is it the person who charms the media and makes provocative commercials?  Or is it this self-absorbed auto racer with an incredibly unhealthy sense of entitlement and reacts often as if she is the only driver on the track. 

Sadly, my guess it is more of the latter than anyone in racing wants to admit. Admitting that Patrick is just an average driver and a spoiled brat, is not something that NASCAR wants to say about it’s most marketable individual.

At any rate, it is time for Danica Patrick to grow up and start acting like a pro, not a child. Let’s hope maturity happens before someone gets hurt. 

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