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His Running Shoes Are Still On

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Morgantown resident and veteran Jamie Summerlin says he’s back to "pair number one" as he continues his run across the country for wounded veterans.

Summerlin, who started Monday in Charleston and headed north on U.S. Route 119, has rotated 10 different pairs of running shoes since he began his run in Oregon 85 days ago.

Summerlin was all smiles Monday as he ran along Kanawha Boulevard in Charleston because he says he can see the finish line.

"We’ve received some tremendous receptions in the small communities out there and obviously as we’ve gotten closer to the east coast and as we’re getting ready to finish this in 15 days the momentum is really starting to pick-up," Summerlin said.

Summerlin’s run is bring attention to disabled veterans. Operation Welcome Home, Vet Connect and the Wounded Warrior Project is designed raise money and put more of a spotlight on the needs of those veterans. He and his wife both served in the Marine Corps.

Summerlin says a lot has been accomplished.

"This is something that people have been able to follow. This has almost been a three-month period so far. People have been able to track it and people have been able to learn the stories about the vets we’ve met and the people we’ve been able to share stories with is phenomenal," Summerlin said.

His run from Charleston to Clendenin Monday included roadside meetings with interested residents. One man even gave him a American Flag to carry.

Summerlin is scheduled to arrive in Annapolis, Maryland July 4. He says he’s already been given permission to run through the football stadium on the Naval Academy’s campus.

Summerlin runs six to eight hours a day.

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