Supermarket Catastrophe

Monday was the critical point for some grocery store managers in West Virginia.  At the Foodland in Sissonville, workers scrambled to load slabs of bacon and packs of other frozen meat into a refrigerated tractor-trailer.

"We’re trying to save some inventory,” said Manager Bob Keys. "That’s just a fraction of it. We’ve lost thousands of pounds."

Keys says when the power went down Friday all of his refrigeration units were out of service.  The store has no backup power source, although they’ve considered adding one before.   It seemed like an expensive venture at the time, but as hundreds of gallons of milk was poured down the drain it gives a different perspective.

"We lost all of our perishable food," said Keys. "When it goes out about all you can do is wait and hope the power comes back on.  After a while when it doesn’t, then you have to start taking action."

You could hear the frustration in his voice and see it on his face as his employees dumped grocery cart after grocery cart of empty milk jugs into the dumpster. 


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