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On The Phones

"What a storm!"

The Senior Vice President and General Manager for Frontier Communications says he is happy with the work his employees have done since Friday’s storm to keep landline phones operating for thousands of West Virginians.

Dana Waldo says Frontier has 230 central offices, the main network components of phone service, operating in the Mountain State.

As of Wednesday, all of those components were up and running.  About 77% were on commercial power, while 23% were using backup generators or batteries.

"We can still maintain phone service," Waldo said.  "An individual at home who has one of our landlines, not a cordless phone or not a wireless phone, but has one of our landlines, can still have telephone communications."

He says it helps that a downed phone line is not automatically a broken phone line.

"Yes, a lot of these trees have come down and knocked down cable.  But, unless the cable has actually been severed, it can still function," Waldo says.

Frontier is working through a list of reported problems.  There are more than 12,000 trouble tickets but, he says, that does not mean there are that many serious phone issues.

Since taking over Verizon’s landline service in West Virginia, Frontier has invested millions in upgrading the system.  Those investments, Waldo says, paid off in this storm.

"Had this storm been through here two years ago, I think we would be in drastically different shape than we are right now," Waldo said on Wednesday’s MetroNews Talkline.

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