State Capitol Hosting Food Drop Off

As if the state of West Virginia didn’t have enough problems dealing with the massive power outages in the state due to the storm last Friday night, Governor Tomblin raised concerns regarding a food supply shortage at the two major food banks.

To help address the shortage, the governor’s office held a food drop off point at the State Capitol Tuesday evening.

"We thought it would be just a great way to once again show West Virginian’s helping West Virginian’s in a time of need," says Governor Tomblin.

The food drive started at 5 and immediately residents were showing up with food in their hands.

Charleston resident Tom Susman dropped off some food and says it’s great to be able to donate to the cause and help those that are having a tough time right now.

"West Virginian’s, we’re a family and when people are in need we need to help each other," says Susman.

Cicely Bosley, of Charleston, made a donation and says it’s something that has to be done in times like these.

"I have a little extra and somebody needs it, so there you go," says Bosley.

Before the event even started the State Police stopped by with three vehicles loaded with water.

Governor Tomblin says food was not the only thing donated, nearly $60,000 was raised to go to the food banks to be used in purchasing more food.

All donations received will be given to food banks to be distributed statewide to help those who need it the most.

"It’s one of those things that makes me proud to be a West Virginian," says Tomblin. "We help each other when we’re in need."

Another food drop off was going to be conducted on Wednesday morning at 8 as well, at the State Capitol

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