No Coal Ash Provision

First District Congressman David McKinley says he is not giving up on a measure that would protect the use of coal ash as an additive in concrete.

A provision that would have done so was left out the transportation bill President Barack Obama signed into law on Friday.  It was removed during negotiations on the legislation that will fund highway and bridge projects for the next two years.

Coal ash is a byproduct of the coal combustion process.

Regulators with the federal Environmental Protection Agency are considering the possibility of designating coal ash as a toxic material and treating it as such.

"The way the amendment was written, the EPA was involved," says Congressman McKinley of the oversight part of the proposal. "It was writing standards for disposal and I think it was definitely a step forward."

Even though the provision was taken out, the Congressman says there are still some options.  "We’re not giving up on it," says McKinley.  "We will just find another means and continue educating people."

McKinley says it seems like the big problem was the fact that people were confused about the provision so, he says, it’s just a matter of educating folks on the matter.

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