Time For A Team Change In Washington

The longest serving Senator in Kentucky’s history was in West Virginia Thursday campaigning for Republican Senate candidate John Raese and the Republican team.

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell said he and Raese want to change America and that means changing both the President and the Senate.

“The Senate continues to be the kind of Senate it’s been for the last three years, for example not passing a budget even though the law requires it,” said Sen. McConnell. “John Raese would be playing on the right team. He would give me, as the leader of the majority, and opportunity to set the agenda instead of Harry Reed and if we elect a different team we can take America in a different direction.”

The Senator was a guest on 58-Live on 58-WCHS Thursday and he made it clear that this war on coal needs to stop now.

“It has a devastating impact on the economy, not to mention it’s crazy really, foolish in terms of meeting our energy needs if we’re going to be a prosperous modern country,” said Sen. McConnell.

According to Sen. McConnell, this next election is all about choosing a new team to run the country, which includes electing Mitt Romney as President, electing John Raese and other Republicans for Senate, and electing himself as the majority leader.

Sen. McConnell said if a new team is put in power, the war on coal will come to an end and Obamacare will be repealed. He said the debt issue in America needs to be tackled as well.

“We now have a debt the size of our economy, which makes us look a lot like Greece, not some other day but now, and until we get us on a trajectory to move that down,” said Sen. McConnell. “We are not going to have the kind of America for our children that our parents left behind for us.”

The Senator believes the current team in the White House and the Senate is not the right team for America.

He said in this election, West Virginians and folks across the nation need to decide for themselves which team is the right team for America.

“We are about to hire a new team. A new team for the White House and a new team for the Senate,” said McConnell. “It makes a huge difference and I hope the voters of West Virginia and across the land will understand this is not a personality contest, this is about the future of America. What kind of country do you want to have for our children and our grandchildren.

Sen. McConnell urges Americans that his team is the right team.

The Senator concluded his trip in West Virginia by speaking at the West Virginia Republican Party’s first Freedom Dinner at the Charleston Marriot Thursday night.

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