Jones dismisses latest arrest

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones, a former standout at West Virginia, tweeted Monday that he had been arrested.

CINCINNATI, Ohio — Bengals corner Adam Jones tweeted that he was arrested Monday “for protecting myself” during an altercation with two women at a Cincinnati bar.

Now 29, Jones is less than three months removed from signing a three-year deal with the Bengals worth $3.3 million.

You can read Mike Florio’s account here on, and then watch security video of the incident. (Jones is on the outside of the patio railing in the stripe shirt.)

Now, having viewed Jones’ latest incident, scroll below to fully appreciate the deep, rich jurisprudence history of the former West Virginia star …

October 2003: Jones received a one-year jail term as a student at WVU following a bar fight in which he allegedly beat a man with a pool cue. The sentence was suspended and Jones was placed on two years’ probation.

July 2005: Jones was charged with felony vandalism after an altercation in which he punched the Robert Gaddy, the owner of the 615 nightclub in Nashville, and broke Gaddy’s $400,000 necklace. Gaddy reportedly had asked Jones and three friends to leave after they were spotted smoking marijuana.

October 2005: Jones failed to check in with his probation officer in West Virginia and had his probationary sentence — stemming from the July arrest — lengthened by 90 days.

March 2006: Jones was charged with marijuana possession in Fayetteville, Ga.

August 2006: Jones arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication after an incident at a nightclub in Murfreesboro, Tenn., in which Jones claimed a woman tried to steal his wallet and the woman claimed he spit in her face. He received six months probation.

October 2006: At a Nashville nightclub, Jones allegedly spat in the face of a female student from Tennessee State University. He was cited for misdemeanor assault.

February 2007: The infamous $81,000 make-it-rain incident at a Las Vegas strip club prompted a shooting that left a security guard paralyzed and two more injured. Jones, who reportedly beat a stripper’s head against the stage during the fracas, received a season-long suspension from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Four years later, a jury ordered Jones to pay more than $11 million in damages to the injured men in Las Vegas.

January 2008: Accused of punching a woman in the face … (wait for it) … at a strip club, this time in Atlanta.

October 2008: An intoxicated Jones gets into a fight with bodyguards the Cowboys assigned to him. He received another year-long suspension from the NFL.

July 2011: Jones was charged with disorderly conduct while intoxicated and resisting arrest at a Cincinnati bar.

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