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All hail the Remington 1100

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Remington Model 1100 shotgun turns 50-years old this year. It is arguably the most successful and popular shotgun ever built. You’ll find the 1100 in nearly every hunting camp where there is need for a shotgun. It’s seen action in the duck blinds of Louisiana, kicking up grouse on the plains of South Dakota, on dove hunts in Georgia, and yes even on squirrel and grouse hunting outings in West Virginia. I can certify those last two because I own one.

My model 1100 is the first and only auto loading shotgun I have owned. It’s a 20 gauge I actually bought from a lawyer friend. His secretary had obtained the shotgun out of a divorce but didn’t want it and the price was right. I have fallen in love with the smooth handling of the firearm ever since.

The 1100 was first produced in 1963. According to Remington history it was designed by Wayne Leak and R Kelley. It was the first auto loading shotgun to utilize a gas cycling operation. The design includes a mechanism which uses just enough of the gas energy to discharge an empty shell and load the next one. The remainder of the energy from each shot is vented out of the barrel instead of into the user’s shoulder. The vast reduction of recoil made it a revolutionary design and saved the shoulders of countless American sportsmen and women. The 1100 was the successor to the Model 58 and Model 878.

The model not only revolutionized modern shotguns, but it has amazing durability.  In 1978, a Model 1100 LT-20 was used to break the world record for most rounds fired from an auto loading shotgun without malfunction, cleaning, or breakage.  The record was better than 24,000 rounds. Although tried with other shotguns over the years, it is a record which still stands today.

The Remington 1100 is the best selling auto-loading shotgun in history with more than four Million sold. They are available in all popular gauges.  Over the years, Remington has adapted the 1100 to special purpose often used in police and military applications. The company has also produced a limited edition 50th Anniversary commemorative edition with gold inlays on the sides (pictured above).

When it comes to wing shooting or the sporting clays range, all hail the Model 1100.   Fifty years and still going strong.

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