WVU quotes of the week

WVU safety Darwin Cook knows to be on the lookout for friendly fire from Karl Joseph.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Just because it’s Georgia State week (yawn) doesn’t mean there’s a lack of interesting quotes from the West Virginia players and coaches. A sampling of the best:

Darwin Cook on the hitting prowess of fellow safety Karl Joseph, who accidentally knocked out Doug Rigg: “If I’m ever coming back (upfield), I’m gonna watch out for him. I don’t want my head in my booty hole.”

Coach Dana Holgorsen on how he feels about his offense putting up more turnovers than touchdowns through two games: “I feel like crap honestly.”

Pat Eger on whether Nick O’Toole should be getting royalties from the #Boomstache T-shirts being sold in Morgantown: “Aw, I need to watch out. The NCAA’s all over that.”

O’Toole on the groundroots movement to ‘Stache the Stadium for Saturday’s game: “I can’t shave it now. There’s no going back.”

Offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson on the 16-7 loss at Oklahoma: “You can’t ask anything more than what our defense did Saturday. We did not do our job offensively—that’s clear to everybody.”

Shaq Rowell on what he learned about his teammates at Oklahoma: “I learned that we’re going to fight this year. Nobody wanted to give up, and that’s something I haven’t seen around here in a while. I really saw it in those dudes’ eyes that we believed.”

Cook on dropping an interception at Oklahoma before making amends with a pick minutes later: “Did you see me drop the first one? On Twitter they were saying I was terrible, and then about 2 seconds later, OH YEAH, MAN! YAAAAAAY!”

Rowell on rookie linebacker Marvin Gross being pressed into second-half action and tipping an interception: “He’s a freshman—he barely knew what he was doing, but he got out there and played.”

Defensive end Kyle Rose on the WVU defense getting its swagger back against Oklahoma: “I don’t have any swag but some of the other guys have some.”

Dawson on how his quarterbacks have performed this week in practice: “They look good. We’ve looked good in practice all along—it’s not about that. We’ve got to prepare ourselves mentally to go to battle and look good in the game.”

Who does Kevin White favor in the quarterback race? “I don’t have a favorite quarterback. Just whoever gets me the ball, I’m happy with it.”

Georgia State coach Trent Miles on visiting Morgantown to face an FBS team: “We’re not going there for fun. We’re not going there to take pictures or be wowed by a crowd.”

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