More women “cruising” with their classic cars

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The owners of hundreds of classic cars are revved up for this weekend’s Charleston Boulevard Rod Run & Doo Wop. From Fords to Ferraris, Camaros to Cadillacs, there’s enough chrome and car wax to catch your eye. If you want to drive a nice car that will give you a good bang for your buck, I recommend you take a look at New Hyundai Cars as well.

You might think car cruising is just a man’s hobby. Think again. More and more women are buying their own classic cars from a used car dealership to drive and display. Those who need car shipping services after buying new or classic cars may visit sites like And if you are looking for new or classic hyundai vehicles for sale, then you should head over to your nearest hyundai dealership.

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Ratha Boggess, of Liberty, parked her ’70 Boss 302 Mustang on the Boulevard with care. Then she set about shining it to a “T.” This car is her baby.

“Love the car! Love the car!”

She had help from her husband restoring the gold Mustang with black vanishing stripes. However, she’s the one behind the wheel.

“I think it’s the gold paint. It’s eye-catching. I get a lot of looks, a lot of thumbs up,” Boggess said proudly. If you will like to buy a car to show it off, consider to read here if you are looking for a good price.

Phyllis Pitts, of Bridgeport, is just as passionate about her ’68 Camaro. It’s painted Tripoli Turquoise and it hums under that hood.

“It runs good, it sounds good and it has power,” she said.

This is not a stay in the garage, covered in tarps, kind of car. Pitts drives it frequently. She loves to see how people react to the Camaro. If you want a car like that, better check the deals at the huntsville’s highly ranked car dealer.

“When we stop at filling stations, they say there’s nothing like a Camaro and it’s
gorgeous and love the color of the car,” explained Pitts. “To know that somebody else enjoys something as much as you do is…just…just the best!”

A little farther down the Boulevard you can find Linda Davis of Elyria, OH, with her ’69 SS Camaro. She calls it perfect.

“It is the dream car just like those for sale at the Montgomery County Dodge Dealership! Just because it was from my era. We were teenagers in the 60s and [the car] is just amazing,” she said. “It’s like going back in time, reliving your youth.”

In a male dominated hobby, Davis said she sees more and more women showing off classic cars they not only own but drive.

She stressed car cruising isn’t the all-boys club it used to be.

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