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Dawson: Offense had Jekyll & Hyde moments all season

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Attempting to reconcile West Virginia’s discombobulated season can be maddening. Good enough to knock off league frontrunner Oklahoma State, sorry enough to lose at Kansas, with frequent boosts and dips in between.

Offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson said his unit heads into the Iowa State game—and then the offseason—needing to become more dependable.

“It just shows you that you can beat the best, and you can get beat by the worst. You can get beat by the guys at the bottom, and you can beat the guys at the top – that’s where we are as a program,” Dawson said Tuesday.

West Virginia ranks 42nd in passing offense nationally (253.3 yards) but only 100th in passing efficiency, 88th in scoring offense (24.7 points) and 112th in third-down conversions (32.5 percent). There are 123 teams in the FBS statistical rankings.

“That kind of ties into the whole consistency deal,” Dawson said. “We beat Oklahoma State, and then we go on the road and play the most God-awful game of our life against Kansas. That’s not the same team who played those two games.”

Watch Dawson’s complete post-practice interview from Tuesday above.

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