Freedom files first required report with DEP

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The first of the required reports to the DEP from environmental consultants on the Freedom Industries job has been filed. DEP officials received report last night.  It’s several hundred pages length.

The first required report to the Department of Environmental Protection from environmental consultants on the Freedom Industries job has been filed.

“It includes all of the corrective actions that have been taken at the site to date,” said spokesperson Kelly Gillenwater. “That would be the collection of stormwater and sample and test results, the disposal of that stormwater, and also soil sampling results.”

The DEP office of Environmental Remediation will review the material over the next 30 days and once satisfied the work at the site can proceed to the next phase.  They’ll also have a chance to seek additional information if they have questions about what’s been done already.

What is not included in this report is an agreement on disposal of contaminated soil at the site. There are talks underway to clear the way for the dumping of the material in the Charleston landfill which is operated by Waste Management.  However, the agreement is yet to be struck.  Once the two sides have agreement, it must be approved and granted a permit by another division of the DEP.

“Essentially the big plan of action we’re all waiting on, the remedial action work plan is due the first quarter of 2016,” said Gillenwater.

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