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Hall says tax group has no hidden agenda

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A co-chair of the legislature’s new tax reform committee says the committee has no hidden agenda.

Senator Mike Hall (R-Putnam)
Senator Mike Hall (R-Putnam)

Sen. Mike Hall (R-Putnam) was a guest Tuesday on MetroNews Talkline, a day after the committee met at the state capitol. Hall said the committee learned a lot about the history of taxes in West Virginia and two previous tax reform studies. He said it’s an open process.

“We collect billions of dollars of taxes from our citizens, we owe them the time and commitment to at least study that and where it’s going,” Hall said.

The senator said he’s already received a number of phone calls from representatives of various groups who believe the committee has already made up its mind of the changes it might recommend. Not so, said Hall.

“Basically their tone was, ‘Well, you guys are just going this charade of doing this stuff at first but you already have some ideas of what your going to do.’ And I can absolutely say that’s not true,” Hall said.

The committee is scheduled to meet again May 18. Hall expects more good information to be exchanged.

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