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6-year flight from justice ends

SUMMERSVILLE, W.Va. — A man wanted for six years for an attempted murder is finally behind bars and awaiting trial.  State Police apprehended Daniel Tabor of Webster County last week near his parents’ home in the community of Erbacon.  Tabor had been able to elude authorities since February 2009.

“For the first two, three, or four years when we were hot and heavy looking for him, all information indicated he was living in the woods somewhere near his parents’ residence,” said Nicholas County Prosecutor P.K. Milam. “It was the best job of hiding I’ve seen anybody do in my career.”

Tabor managed to stay ahead of troopers, dogs, and any other capture until last Thursday when a trip to his parents’ home for supplies ended his flight from the law.

“They had received information from a subject in Webster County he had been frequenting his parents’ house of late,” said Milam. “They set up surveillance and were able to apprehend him at his parent’s house.”

Milam said he was pleased to get Tabor in custody because of the nature of the crime.  He’s accused of slashing the throat of Timothy Belcher, 47, in the yard of Belcher’s Craigsville home.

“This is a serious crime. He allegedly cut an individuals throat from ear to ear and left him to die,” Milam said.

The incident happened in February and the cold weather is believed to have aided in keeping Belcher from bleeding to death.  Typically a six year old case would be difficult to prosecute, but Milam believed his office was well prepared for the prosecution on Tabor.

“There was a good investigation done at the time. There are a lot of photographs, doctor’s reports on the injuries, and the victim I assume will still want to come forward and testify,” Milam said. “There were eye witnesses to the event and it will cloud a little bit of memory, but I think it will still be a very good case for the state.”

Tabor was due for arraignment before a Nicholas County magistrate Monday afternoon.

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