Burglar shot and killed by homeowner in eastern Kanawha County

WITCHER CREEK, W.Va. — A man shot and killed another man during an apparent home invasion early Saturday morning in eastern Kanawha County, sheriff’s deputies said.

The homeowner called Kanawha County Metro 911 at shortly after 4 a.m. and said he had shot a burglar. When police and ambulance crews arrived on the scene at 2012 East DuPont Ave. at Witcher Creek the man was dead in a bedroom, Sgt. Brian Humphreys said.

Deputies began interviewing neighbors and gathering other information. They’ve decided not to release many details because it’s early on in the investigation, according to Humphreys.

“We’re not going to release a whole lot. We had a few things we thought immediately and had a few facts nailed down but we found those things weren’t so sure,” Humphreys said.

The homeowner is cooperating with the investigation

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