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Cole: Upcoming Legislative session ‘zero’ about run for governor

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — State Senate President Bill Cole claims his role in this upcoming legislative session will have nothing to do with his gubernatorial campaign in 2016.

Senate President Bill Cole (R-Mercer, 06)
Senate President Bill Cole (R-Mercer, 06)

“The last three weeks leading up to session I’m not running for governor. I’m taking on my role as Senate President and that alone,” said Cole (R-Mercer, 06).

With the session less than one month away and lawmakers prioritizing their agendas, Cole said his mission is all about “delivering a subsidized session for the taxpayers for West Virginia and zero about me running for governor.”

“We’re tightening it up and we’re figuring out which bills we’re going to run first and what order we’re going to try and get things done” he said.

Cole’s top priority? Improving West Virginians’ employment opportunities.

“That particularly means freeing our state up to become a more job-friendlier, job-supportive, business-supportive state,” he said. “The one thing that ails us that ties to virtually everything is the lack of jobs.”

The 2016 legislative session begins Jan. 13.

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