Landau manager says fans stuck with him

LOGAN, W.Va. — The manager for performer Landau Eugene Murphy Jr said his client is thankful for those who weren’t quick to jump to conclusions when the Logan County native was charged with two misdemeanor domestic violence charges earlier this summer.

Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.

Murphy’s now former girlfriend made the allegations against Murphy during a fight the couple had in July. Prosecutors dropped the charges Wednesday, Burke Allen said.

“He appreciates, sort of in retrospect, how she acknowledges regretting how she handled the situation and it’s time to move on,” Burke said during an appearance on MetroNews “Talkline” Thursday.

The charges were dropped without prejudice which means they could be refiled in the future.

Murphy was arrested and charged July 10. According to the criminal complaint the pair got into an argument at his Logan County home and she claimed he struck her with a golf club, slapped her, and slammed her head into the sidewalk.

Murphy claimed the woman had invited a group to the home and they proceeded to trash the place. The argument, according to Murphy, started over the damage and she began to destroy things with the golf club and later used it to attack him along with a knife. Murphy told investigators he defended himself, but never struck the woman.

Allen said Murphy and the woman are no longer together but they will both raise their young son.

“They’ve got a little boy together and that little boy, Logan Eli, is his top priority in the world,” Allen said. “They are co-parenting. They aren’t involved in any other way. The little boy is the priority.”

Allen said some people are quick to jump to conclusions and point fingers when they hear about domestic violence charges but many of Murphy’s fans stuck with him.

“They were very supportive of him through the whole thing,” he said. “It was that ‘this just doesn’t sound right kind of thing,’ and they waited it out with him.”

Murphy has most recently been in Houston taking supplies to Hurricane Harvey victims, Allen said.

Murphy released the following statement Thursday evening:

“I want to first thank the people of West Virginia and my friends and fans around the world for having faith in me and reaching out to me with their prayers and encouraging words. Secondly, I want to thank the justice system—because it works.  I really appreciate it how the county prosecutor in Logan gave a full and fair review of the facts, and that my attorneys Troy Giatras and Matt Stonestreet gave wise counsel and were great advocates for me and my son.
I was gratified that on Sept. 6th the charges were dismissed. The people who know me best know that is not in my nature to do any of this things I was accused of.  Even though my former girlfriend and I are no longer a couple, we have a child to raise, Logan Eli, and we both want our son to realize that his parents love him. He is the center of my life. 
I appreciate my friends and fans for the literally hundreds of calls and notes I have received over the last weeks from all over the world for believing in me. I’m sorry I couldn’t get back to each of you individually, but know that I received every message and they warmed my heart. I also want to thank the media for following my career, not rushing to judgement and for understanding that the way I handle myself day in and day out is who I really am; I don’t know how to be any other way. I despise domestic violence. I have campaigned against it, helped raise money to aid its’ victims including participating in the “Girl’s Night Out” events and will continue to do so when asked.
At the end of the day, any problems I have are small; in fact, I just got back from delivering emergency supplies to Texas with the Cora Volunteer Fire Department for the hurricane victims down there, and like the rest of America, I’m watching Hurricane Irma and praying for my friends in Florida and the Caribbean. I hope to continue to be able to keep giving back to those less fortunate, and am thankful that I’m blessed to be able to help when I can, and to keep singing.”  

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