Berkeley County School Board hopeful for strike end

SPRING MILLS, W.Va. — The work stoppage that has kept schools across the state closed will reach day number nine.

Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan County school districts all announced Monday school closures for Tuesday as a legislative conference committee continues discussions on pay raises for educators.

The Berkeley County School Board held a meeting at Spring Mills High School Monday night where teachers, parents and supporters in the audience wore red in a sign of unity with teachers and service personnel.

Berkeley County School Board members met at Spring Mills High School Monday night.

One parent in attendance addressed the board and voiced his concerns about the lengthy holdout and how makeup days could affect his kid, a senior attending WVU in the fall.

“He needs that instruction time to be prepared to take placement tests at WVU,” he said.

Superintendent Manny Arvon said the board shares the concerns of many parents in the region and that he is disheartened at the political discourse taking place in Charleston.

As the committee recessed before the start of the board meeting and it became clear that a resolution was not coming Monday evening, Arvon said that he and everyone else is ready for this to end.

“I hope this deal gets done,” Arvon said. “Each day that is wasted, its another day out of the classroom for our students.”

He added that the board is exploring all options in terms of making up days whenever the strike ends. Holding classes on Saturday is not an option due to a statewide rule.​

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