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Liberty High School administrator reinstated pending “sensitivity training”

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — The Liberty High School administrator accused of confronting a transgender student for using the boys bathroom will be back to work next month.

The Harrison County Board of Education moved to reinstate assistant principal Lee Livengood following an executive session during Tuesday’s meeting.

“We were presented with an investigative report by Dr. Manchin and his staff, and based on that, we took into consideration all of the information that was presented and came out with a vote to reinstate after an unpaid suspension through Feb. 1, contingent upon meeting certain stipulations that are between Dr. Manchin, the Board of Education, and Lee Livengood,” said Board President Frank Devono, Jr.

While some of the stipulations are yet to be developed with the ACLU, Devono said that Livengood will be required to go through “sensitivity training.”

“There’s a sensitivity training program that we have been instituting in the county for a number of years, so I would assume that this sensitivity training is in regard to dealing with different diverse individuals in the school system,” he said. “As you know, there are many diverse populations in the school system in the county, and being able to interact with them in the appropriate manner is expected of all of our administrators and educators.”

Livengood was suspended with pay for a week prior to the holiday break.

As part of his reinstatement, he will see a period of unpaid suspension. He will then be permitted to return to school, pending he meets four requirements determined by the board.

“We have to provide these children with a safe environment for public education, and this issue to me is not about what bathroom a student used but it’s about a student being able to receive a safe education in a safe public environment,” Devono said. “Education transcends gender, it transcends race, it transcends creed, it transcends socioeconomic status, so in order for these students to be able to fulfill their educational goals and goals that we have set for them, they need to be in a safe environment.”

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