Prosecutors review accidental firearm discharge in Charleston’s Clay Center


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Kanawha County Prosecutors office continues to review whether a man who accidentally discharged a firearm inside the Clay Center will face charges.

The incident happened on Saturday night during the Clay Center’s annual Carnival fundraising event. The man, whose name has not been released, took off his jacket and as he did a gun fell out of the jacket and discharged.

“He quickly picked up the gun, realizing what had happened, and fled the area to the vicinity of the CAMC parking garage,” said Lt. Autumn Davis of the Charleston Police.

Authorities were able to track him down using surveillance video and eye witness accounts.

“There were no injuries and no property damage,” said Davis.

The question now is whether any laws were violated. Unless posted otherwise, carrying a concealed weapon in West Virginia is legal in the Clay Center is legal as long as you have a permit to carry. Police said they were unaware if there was a policy against firearms by the Clay Center. But there were other extenuating circumstances.

“Witnesses indicated this individual appeared to be highly intoxicated,” said Davis. “It appears to have been an accidental discharge however, the case will be reviewed by the prosecutors office.”