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WVABCA ready for more opportunities to teach with new DUI simulator

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Gary ‘Gig’ Robinson with the West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration told MetroNews the new DUI simulator is already booked for the first couple months of the school year.

The brand new simulator was shown off last week on the grounds of the West Virginia State Capitol.

Robinson, who is in the Education and Public Information Officer for the WVABCA said this is a state-of-the-art trailer.

“It actually allows the driver to experience different driving conditions. Different types of driving conditions such as rain, snow, day, night, country roads, and urban highways,” he said.

The simulator, which was made possible through grant funding from State Farm, National Alcohol Beverage Control Association and the Governor’s Highway Safety Program, is an advanced model from the organization’s past one.

Robinson said the simulator gives the driver all kinds of scenarios, saying as one progresses through the course the Blood Alcohol Content level will rise.

“As the BAC rises, the system mimics the behaviors that a driver would encounter like slowed reaction and coordination issues. What’s neat about this new one is that the seat is on hydraulics too,” he said.

The WVABCA said since 2010, the simulator has attended 604 events and 54,127 people, mostly students.

Robinson said there are over 200,000 miles on the truck and the free program has gone to basically every private and public school in West Virginia.

“What we knew is communities and high schools had a need to address underage drinking and underage drinking and driving,” he said.

“There were programs like this in other states and they would spend several thousand dollars just to bring in a DUI simulator for the day.”

Before the booking dates with schools in the fall, Robinson said the simulator will head to fairs and camps this summer, as well as adult events.

To request information on the simulator, click HERE.

“It’s up to all of us to make good decisions behind the wheel, to make good decisions throughout life and to keep everybody safe,” Robinson said.

“To keep ourselves, keep the people in the car with you safe, and keep everybody on the roads safe.”

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