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Insurance claims minimal from Charleston tornado

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — There was considerable damage to the power grid in Charleston during Monday’s tornado, but property damage was hit and miss.

Insurance adjusters said there were some roofs which will have to be replaced and several cars and homes had trees land on them, but for the most part property owners came out of the very narrow storm path in better shape than would have been expected.

“We’ll staff based on the number of claims received, and right now it’s not significant,” said Kate Beadle, spokesperson for State Farm Insurance. “We are responding to all customers claims which have come in.”

Beadle said typically in a disaster, her company will have a team on the ground when the number of claims rises to a certain level, but Monday’s tornado did not hit that threshold. Still, she cautioned those who are dealing with property damage to carefully document the damages.

“Make sure you take pictures inside and outside your home. Keep meticulous notes about the damage and inventory items which have been damaged. Turn that all over to your insurance company,” she said.

She added property owners may or may not be covered when the damage is just trees down.

“If you’ve had a tree fall on your land, you need to talk to the adjuster about coverage,” she said. “Typically if it doesn’t strike anything such as a house, a fence, a carport, or a garage you’re not going to have coverage to remove that tree it’s going to be your responsibility.”

She suggested the storm is a stark reminder for policy holders to review their coverage with their insurance agent to make sure if the next disaster hits their home they are properly covered.


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